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Medium Duty double white poly tarps

Double white PE waterproof tarpaulin, made of polyethylene, has strong waterproof and sun protection functions and high durability. It is suitable for outdoor camping, construction site sunshade and rain protection and other occasions. The simple and elegant double white design is easy to carry and use. Ideal for your outdoor activities and protective items.


Reference Price:

vingin tarpaulin sheet≥2000kgs : 1.45$/kg

recycled tarpaulin sheet≥2000kgs : 1.3$/kg

    Tarpaulin Parameters

    Product Name: Double white PE waterproof tarpaulin
    Material: PE (polyethylene) , waterproof and sunproof, with strong durability.
    Color: Double white, simple and elegant, suitable for various occasions.
    Size: Common sizes include 3x4m, 4x6m, 5x8m, etc. Other sizes can also be customized according to customer requirements.

    Tarps Details

    Trust your choice,trust our quality

    (1)Premium Aluminum Eyelets:Strong Aluminum Eyelet Every 1m And At Each Corner


    (2)Double Side Lamination Super Waterproof:3-Layers Lamination/Waterproof Both Sides/Never Leaking

    (3)Heavy-duty black triangle reinforcement:premium black triangle applied to all corners,easy to tie


    (4)Heat hemming of all sides,no sewing,no leaking


    Tarpaulin Features

    1. Waterproof and sunscreen: PE material has good waterproof and sunscreen function, which can effectively protect items from rain and sunlight.

    2. Strong durability: The tarpaulin has been specially treated to be wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and has a long service life.

    3. Multi-function: Suitable for outdoor camping, field activities, construction site sunshade and rain protection and other occasions.

    Tarpaulin Usage Scenarios And Methods

    A widely used reinforced and thickened tarpaulin
    Great For Fishing/Hunting, Camping Tent,Outdoor Coverage OrCar/Boat Coverage
    Unfold the tarpaulin to cover the items that need to be protected, and use ropes or clips to fix it to the ground or support.
    Things to note:
    1. Please check whether the tarpaulin is damaged before use. If it is damaged, repair or replace it in time.
    2. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will affect the service life of the tarpaulin. It is recommended to store it in a cool and dry place.
    3. Please be careful to prevent sharp objects from scratching the tarpaulin when using it.

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