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Polypropylene weed control cloth: effectively inhibits the growth of weeds and can be used outdoors for many times and for a long time.

Weed barrier and gardening mat are mainly used to control the growth of weeds and keep the garden or gardening area tidy and fresh. It prevents weeds from growing while allowing the soil to aerate and drain, protecting healthy plant growth. Weed barrier and gardening mats can also reduce the workload of weeding, improve gardening efficiency, and make garden maintenance easier and more convenient.

    Tarpaulin Parameters

    Product Name: weed mat.

    Material: PP(Polypropylene) or PE (Polyethylene).


    Length:Cut as per requirement.

    Fabric Weight:70g/m2-200g/m2


    Color: black, green can be customized according to customer needs.

    UV Protection:1%-4%.

    Packaging: rolled with paper tube/PE bag packaging.


    ● Weed mat has excellent permeability, allowing the soil to breathe, maintaining soil moisture and inhibiting the growth of weeds.

    ● Features: high density, lightweight, environmentally friendly, easy to cut, moisturizing, thickened, durable, water-permeable, tear-resistant, tightly woven, UV-resistant:



    Weed mat is a widely used gardening material. Common usage scenarios include:

    1. Horticulture: Weed mat can be laid on the soil surface of gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and other planting areas to inhibit the growth of weeds, keep the soil moist and temperature stable, and help plant growth.

    2. Landscape engineering: In parks, scenic spots, green belts and other places, weed mat can be used to cover the soil surface, beautify the environment, reduce the growth of weeds, and keep the landscape tidy.

    3. Orchard gardening: When planting fruit trees in an orchard, weed mat can be laid around the fruit trees to reduce weed competition on the growth of the fruit trees and increase the yield and quality of the fruit trees.

    4. Farmland planting: When planting crops in farmland, weed barrier can be covered on the soil surface to reduce the growth of weeds, increase crop yields, and reduce the use of pesticides.

    5. Plant protection: Weed mat can also be used for plant protection, covering around plants to prevent pests from invading and protecting plant growth.

    In general, weed-killing cloth is widely used in the fields of horticulture, agriculture, and landscape design. It can increase crop yields, beautify the environment, and reduce the use of pesticides. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient horticultural material.


    Product Details

    Product Detailswcu

    Weed Mat Installation

    (1) Remove weeds from area and rake smoothly.

    (2) Place fabric around existing plants or cut an 'X' for new plants to get through.

    (3) For best result,secure fabric with the anchor pins.

    (4) Cover area with bark,mulch or decorative rock.


    Product Customization

    We can customize weed mat in different colors and sizes according to your requirements.


    Production Process

    The production process of weed mat usually includes the following steps:

    1. Raw material preparation: The main raw material of weed mat is usually synthetic fiber materials such as polypropylene or polyethylene. These raw materials need to be cleaned, melted, etc. for subsequent production use.

    2. Spinning: Treated synthetic fiber material is spun and stretched into filaments to form fiber bundles.

    3. Weaving: The fiber bundles are woven through a loom to form the basic structure of the weed mat. The weaving process can be strengthened as needed to improve the strength and durability of the weed mat.

    4. Shaping: Shaping weed mat by heat treatment or other methods so that it maintains the desired shape and size.

    5. Cutting and packaging: Cut the finished weed mat according to the size required by the customer, and package it for transportation and sales.


    Packing and Shipping

    Packing and Shippingj6b

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