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Multifunctional Blue And White PE Waterproof Tarpaulin: Protect Your Outdoor Life

This blue and white PE waterproof tarpaulin combines high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship to provide excellent waterproof performance and reliably protect your outdoor activities and items from moisture and rain. The lightweight and easy-folding design makes it easy to carry and store, bringing convenience and comfort to your outdoor life.


Reference Price:

vingin tarpaulin sheet≥2000kgs : 1.45$/kg

recycled tarpaulin sheet≥2000kgs : 1.3$/kg

    Tarpaulin Parameters

    Name: Blue and white pe tarps.

    Material: PE (polyethylene).

    Color: Blue, green, brown, orange, blue and white,etc.

    Square Meter: 65-280gsm.

    Product Feature: waterproof, anti-sun, anti-aging,anti-tear.

    Product Use: fishing and hunting,tents, outdoor cover, vehicle and boat cover.


    Product Details

    (1) premium aluminium eyelets. 

    (2) Double side lamination superwaterproof.

    (3) Heavy-duty black triangle reinforcement:premium black triangleapplied to all corners ,easy to tie.

    (4) Heat seal suobian: High temperature heat sealing around the edges, no pinholes, strong and watertight.



    Blue and white PE tarpaulin is a common waterproof, sun-proof and durable plastic tarpaulin, which is widely used in outdoor activities, construction sites, agriculture, open-air storage and other fields. The following is a usage scenario description:

    On construction sites, workers often use blue and white PE tarpaulins to build temporary awnings or rainproof shelters. By using PE tarpaulins, workers can provide a dry, sun-shaded working environment at the construction site, protect tools and materials from rain, and also protect workers from the scorching sun.

    In addition, farmers also use blue and white PE tarpaulins in their farmland. They can lay tarpaulins on crops to provide shade, heat preservation, wind protection, and rain protection, help crops grow and protect crops from natural disasters.

    In short, blue and white PE tarpaulin plays an important role in various fields, providing convenience and protection for people's life and work.


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